Art and Me

Welcome to my online gallery.

I am a self-taught artist with a university degree in Communications Studies, specialising in public relations. I am from Singapore and have been living in Switzerland with my husband and 2 beautiful boys for many years.

I draw inspiration from my extensive travels and from the ever-changing landscape in Switzerland. I paint a myriad of themes and subjects. However, one thing that is consistent across all my works is the use of strong, bright colors applied with broad, passionate brushstrokes to evoke positive emotions and appeal to all senses.

For me, art is not an escape from reality, but a reflection of my reality.

I have been blessed to have a wonderful family and great friends. We truly enjoy living in Switzerland where it is safe, child-friendly and filled with plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature in all its breathtaking glory and outdoor sports. My kids play a big part in my creative process, especially when I get to see the world through their innocent, optimistic eye.