Cat goes carpet shopping (80×100)

This painting was inspired by my recent trip to Cappadocia in Turkey this summer. There was a cute resident cat in the cave hotel we stayed at that greeted us every morning at breakfast n this is a little tribute to my new feline friend. 50056C2D-1D11-4902-A9ED-11929817095EC88EAF38-E8E5-4A95-9404-9685AAA262F0EF420C8C-288A-4C41-92A5-E20F50ED5B9CCE7E9555-4126-4A72-9606-9CE5F37588A718DF0AD9-A38B-4A30-992A-663AC14BA5EF1593959C-854B-4AAC-AB7C-99611ABE80A0338FDD04-CBC4-4F5D-A2B3-F29E0A7294D2F75A7FA8-5C2D-4FAC-8683-94B03B9ADD20E50963A8-959C-4679-82CC-38F061E9575093CC633B-92A0-4A8F-8ECC-DF7063B0A2DA8BD3E502-4D3E-4078-93D3-0EC22184425A3EE0DA0E-1A68-46F7-89AA-C3DC77CD317F925D5A87-C248-4061-BDBF-1FFF603313A6

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