Follow the sign (90×130)

C4285BC3-9591-43F3-8902-AF9767D8EB45B78D5BB2-5FE2-4EE1-8868-7C23613DA75A7F41B9AF-DD51-4A55-A201-25D34455EFB5706D6608-83EE-48C1-9038-426D6093477F33301AB8-54A6-40BD-A3A9-1173B177EE8194CE18B6-13F5-42FA-8AB4-3690E5F7C4226190D8C2-0B8D-4CB0-A73B-60A4DA12A903Have you noticed when people are searching for a sign, they tend to look up – waiting for clouds to part, birds, a burst of sun ray etc. I painted hotair balloons on two canvases but was discouraged when they ended up looking amateurish and silly. I was sketching out this piece and suddenly had cold feet, thinking I’m probably going to waste a 3rd huge canvas and lots of paint again. When I was putting the canvas away, my hubby came knocking on the door to my art studio and commented: isn’t it strange to see a single hotair balloon flying over us here in Switzerland? I think this was My sign and I persevered (although I almost gave up midway too cos it was starting to look like a kid’s drawing of the solar system) and felt at peace when I finished this piece, inspired by our family summer holiday in Cappadocia, Turkey.

I hope this post will inspire or encourage anyone who is struggling to make tough/life-altering (or at least it looks like that for now) decisions; sometimes u have to stop thinking about the what if’s, the fears and consequences and just pause and, Look Up.

“Follow the sign”, acrylic, 90x130cm.

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